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Drain Clog Service in Los Angeles, CA by My Drain Company Inc.

Have you ever stopped and thought about just how much work your home’s drains do on a daily basis? From showers and toilets to laundry and dishes, your drain system works overtime every day to dispose of your wastewater safely. It should come as no surprise that such heavy use can eventually cause clogs. If you need drain clog services in Los Angeles, CA the company to call is My Drain Company Inc.

We have over 15 years of experience working on all types of drain clogs and our specialists can fix any problem that you might be having. We’re available 24/7 for drain clog service in Los Angeles, CA and we guarantee that we’ll get to your home the same day that you call us. If you’re tired of slow drains or your drains are already clogged, our expert plumbers are ready to help you get good, efficient drains.

The drain clog experts at My Drain Company Inc offer quality services throughout the Los Angeles, CA area. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

What Causes Drain Clogs

Your drain system has to dispose of many tens of thousands of gallons of wastewater each year. Waste from your shower, toilet, dishes, kitchen sink, bathroom sink and other locations, can all have lots of solid waste in it that can form clogs. Here are a few common causes of clogs.

Solid waste
Over time, your drains can start to fill up with solid waste from your sinks and fixtures.
Soap scum
If you have hard water in your home, the excess minerals in it can react with the soap that you use and form soap scum. This is a flaky, chalk–like substance that will collect on the inside of your drains and restrict the flow of water and waste.
This is a big problem for your shower and bathroom sinks. When combined with soap scum, hair can form terrible clogs.
Tree roots
In your sewer and water main, tree roots are a very common problem. As they search for water, tree roots can work their wait into your pipes and cause huge clogs.
Food waste
If you put the wrong food item down your kitchen’s garbage disposal this can cause clogs as well. Items like animal bones, melted fat, grease, and fruit pits are all examples of things that shouldn’t go down your kitchen sink.

How to Remove Drain Clogs

When you call My Drain Company Inc for drain clog service in Los Angeles, CA, our expert plumbers will use a variety of tools to find the clog and then remove. One of the most important tools at our disposal is our video camera pipe inspection technology. This uses a small camera on the end of a long wire that feeds an image back to a display screen; it allows our technicians to locate the clog, and to see what it is made of. When it comes to removing the clog, we use our hydro jetting equipment that features high–pressure streams of water that blast away any clogs. This is a safe and effective way to clean your pipes. We may also use a pipe auger (also called a "snake") to clear out clogs near the fixture or drain.

When you need any kind of drain clog service in Los Angeles, CA make sure that you call the experts at My Drain Company Inc.