Common Causes of Plumbing Repairs in Northridge

No matter how well we maintain our home’s plumbing, eventually we will encounter a problem that needs the services of a professional plumber. Leaks, clogs, loss of water flow, dripping faucets… you’ve probably encountered all of these at one time or another. But remember: a good plumber has encountered them numerous times, and will have no trouble fixing whatever ails your pipes, drains, water heater, or faucets.

My Drain Company has 15 years of working with all types of plumbing repairs in Northridge, CA. We’ve put together a list of three common causes for the repairs we often perform. If any of these afflicts your plumbing, contact us right away (any time of the day or night) and we’ll rush out to help you.

3 Common Culprits Behind Plumbing Repairs

  • Pipe corrosion: If you live in a house built before 1970, chances are high that the plumbing consists of galvanized steel pipes. This is strong and durable material, but it has fallen out of favor among plumbing installers because it eventually corrodes. Corroded pipes will spring leaks, break, and develop blockages. If you encounter numerous problems because of older pipes, you may wish to consider a whole-house repiping to replace the outdated pipes with copper or plastic ones.
  • Fat, oil, and grease: Collectively known as F.O.G., these hot liquids often go down kitchen drains where they create numerous troubles from clogs and high water pressure. Although F.O.G. in liquid form seems innocuous enough, it changes into a waxy solid when it dries. This will start to coat the inside of pipes and choke off the space for water. Clogs will become frequent, and water pressure will spike as the room in the pipes shrinks, leading to leaks. Regular drain cleaning will help get rid of F.O.G., and you should also avoid pouring these substances down your drains and instead put them in a trash receptacle.
  • Hard water: This describes water with a high level of mineral content, principally magnesium and calcites. Hard water comes from the municipal water supply, and it is rarely unhealthy to drink. However, it can damage your plumbing. Hard water leaves calcite deposits inside pipes which will contribute to higher water pressure and clogs. It will also damage appliances like your water heater and promote corrosion.

Call for Professional Plumbers in Northridge, CA

Homeowners often try to go the DIY route with plumbing repairs, but simply owning a set of wrenches doesn’t mean you can effectively solve most plumbing issues. You might make the problems worse and end up flooding a room in your house. Let professionals take care of all your plumbing repairs in Northridge, CA. Call My Drain Company the next time you have clogs, leaks, or any other plumbing hassles.

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