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Why Regular Drain Cleaning Is Good for Your Plumbing

Monday, August 3rd, 2015

When a serious clog blocks a kitchen or bathroom drain in your house—a clog that a standard plunger can’t remove—you will need to call on plumbing professionals right away for the necessary drain cleaning using motorized drain snakes and hydro-jetters. There is no better way to assure that you’ll have your drain cleared out without causing serious damage to the plumbing or a rapid return of the clog. (more…)

The Best Plumbing Advice You’re Probably Not Taking

Monday, July 6th, 2015

There is plenty of excellent advice out there regarding how to take better care of the plumbing in your house so that you won’t run into major repair emergencies or the need to replace pipes and appliances early. Some examples: lists of various substances that you should never let go down the drains, or how to see that the garbage disposal doesn’t jam up. (more…)

Drain Snakes: Why Plumbers Love Them

Friday, September 19th, 2014

If you have a drain clog, you need a plumber with the right tools to clear a potentially large obstruction. While some clogs may come loose with a household plunger, other clogs may be too large or too deep within the pipes for you to reach on your own. When you call for professional drain cleaning, a plumbing professional may use a variety of tools to clean and inspect your pipes, but the most popular of these may be the drain snake.

Most plumbers caution strongly against liquid drain cleaners because of potential dangers and because they simply do not work in many cases. Liquid drain cleaning agents, sold in many grocery and hardware stores, may be effective at removing some clogs and not others. For example, while most of these chemicals can dissolve hair, they often cannot do anything about most other solid obstructions. Besides, the harsh chemicals can be toxic, potentially injuring the skin or eyes and damaging the pipes.

This is why a plumber usually will not go near a chemical drain cleaner. Instead, plumbers come to your home equipped with an array of cleaning tools, perhaps most notable of which is the drain snake. Drain snakes, also known as drain augers, are either motorized or hand operated with a crank. A long wire with a coiled end is fed into the pipes, and the coiled end takes hold of clogs so that the plumber can pull the blockage back up through the drain. Some clogs, like tree roots, cannot latch on to this tool. This is why some drain snakes have multiple attachments to choose from, which may instead allow the plumber to break up a clog so it can flow down the drain with the wastewater.

In any case, drain snakes are one of the most effective ways to completely eliminate clogs without damaging your plumbing. When you call the plumbers at My Drain Company for professional drain cleaning in Glendale, CA, we’ll use drain augers and any other necessary means to clear your plumbing system, and we will check our work using the latest in video inspection technology. Talk to one of our plumbing experts today!

How Does a Drain Snake Clear the Clogs?

Monday, February 17th, 2014

You may have seen drain snakes for sale in the local hardware store for use in unsticking clogged pipes, and you might own a dilettante’s model yourself for those times when your plumbing backs up. You might also have seen mechanized models used by plumbers and/or drain snakes with fitted heads for use in clearing up very specific drain issues. Generally speaking, you should leave the use of drain snakes to the professionals; for homeowners, our in Glendale plumbing repair experts are on call to do the job right. But how does a drain snake clear the clogs exactly? The answers can help explain why it’s best to use a professional in all but the mildest drain clogs.

Clogs can be created by any number of materials, from soap and hair to vegetable peelings and cooking grease to scale build-up in the pipes themselves. Snakes serve two basic functions in dealing with them: breaking them up so they can be washed safely down the drain and pulling them out so that they are out of the plumbing system entirely. In both cases, a snake requires the force to wedge itself safely into the clog and a properly shaped head to both hold the clog and remove it (or break it up) properly. The plumber sends the snake down the pie until it reaches the clog and then either pulls it loose by slowly retracting the snake or twisting and turning the snake in an effort to break the cog into smaller chunks which can then be washed safely down the pipe.

In the case of professional plumbers, that’s fairly easy. They can use motor-driven snakes to apply the proper force and fitted heats tailored to the precise nature of the clog to make sure the process doesn’t damage the pipe along the way. In Glendale, plumbing repair services like My Drain Company can clear the clogs with a drain snake specially fitted to do the job. Don’t trust a one-size-fits all snake bought over the counter. Give us a call today and leave it to the professionals to do the job right!