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Why Now Is a Good Time for Sump Pump Installation

Monday, January 18th, 2016

Here are two general facts about life in Southern California that affect how often people choose to have a sump pump installed for their home: it doesn’t rain often, and few homes have basements.

Generally, people think of sump pumps—automated water pumps that remove excess water due to flooding from low areas of a home—with flooding in basements. Since basements are a rarity in our area, and rainfall is minimal, it doesn’t often occur to homeowners to call on their local plumbing company to have a pedestal or submersible sump pump put into the house. (more…)

Lupercalia: The Origin of St. Valentine’s Day

Saturday, February 14th, 2015

Many people may think of Valentine’s Day as a holiday essentially created by card and gift companies, but the truth is that the holiday has long-standing roots going back to the Roman Empire. The name “Lupercalia” has its origins in the word “lupus”, which means wolf, and the reason for this is that according to Roman pagan religion, the she-wolf Lupa nursed the two orphaned infants Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome.


The Festival

The Festival of Lupercalia spanned two days each February, from February 13th to 15th. The festival was about fertility and was led by Luperci priests, known as “brothers of the wolf”. The festival was serious with intention (fertility) but was executed as quite a romp for both the priests and citizens of Rome. The process was this: two male goats and a dog were sacrificed at the beginning of the festival by the priests; two young Luperci were then anointed with the blood from the animals, and the hides of the animals were cut into straps. As food and drink flowed, the male priests would run around the city wearing nothing but thongs made from the animal skins, and they also carried a strap from one of the sacrificed animals. The strap was used to strike the palms of Roman women waiting for the priests in the city, as it was believed that being hit with the strap could help with infertility issues and a safe, healthy labor for women who were pregnant.


The Transition to St. Valentine’s Day

The Christian influence of the holiday came around the 5th century. The Roman Empire was still strong, but Christianity was rapidly taking hold throughout the world. It is believed that to try and remove the paganism from the holiday, the deaths of two men, supposedly both named Valentine, were added into the mix. During the 3rd and 4th centuries, a law created by Claudius II forbade young men eligible for military service to marry, because Rome wanted a strong army. The two men named Valentine were priests, and married young couples in secret. Both were found out and executed on February 14th, although in separate years. The Church made Valentine a saint (they chose one), and Lupercalia became St. Valentine’s Day.


Here’s wishing you and your loved one a Happy Valentine’s Day!

How to Prevent Kitchen Plumbing Repair

Friday, October 24th, 2014

If you’ve ever had to call a contractor for unexpected repairs, you know that it can be a hassle. You need to take time out of your busy day to wait for a technician to be available. And if a plumbing problem poses a threat to your home in the late hours of the night, you may feel like there is no one you can call.

Luckily, there are plumbing companies that offer 24-hour emergency service, like the plumbers at My Drain Company. But before major leaks and clogs leave you rushing to call a plumber, try these 3 simple tips that can help prevent problems from occurring with your kitchen plumbing.

Don’t Put Extra Strain on Your Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals can process a lot of foods, breaking them down into smaller pieces so that they may move down the drain pipes easily. However, there are several foods your garbage disposal simply cannot handle. Of course, non-food items such as cigarette butts and plastic wrappers are simply off limits. These will not break up and may get caught in the drain pipe, leading to backup in your home. However, there are some foods to avoid as well. Harder foods like meat bones and corn cobs will not break down, while fibrous food like celery can wrap around the blades until the motor becomes stuck, leading to garbage disposal repair or replacement.

Avoid F.O.G.

F.O.G. stands for fats, oils, and grease, and these can be a real hazard to your drain pipes. Fat, oil, and grease seem fairly harmless, until your pipes become clogged and require professional drain cleaning services. That’s because melted fat and oil become solid as they cool down. When it moves down the drain, it can solidify in the pipes. Always run cool water when you use your garbage disposal so that it can break up any lingering F.O.G. and be sure to dump these substances in a separate trash container.

Schedule Annual Plumbing Maintenance

Finally, scheduling annual plumbing maintenance can help prevent problems from occurring. Plumbers will check the pipes and fixtures in every room of your home for leaks and clogs. You can also schedule professional drain cleaning with your visit, which means you may not notice any drain clogs for a very long time.

If you’re looking for skilled plumbers in Glendale, look no further than My Drain Company, with over 15 years of experience in the industry. Call us today!

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