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Common Signs that You Need Plumbing Repair

Friday, April 3rd, 2015

Plumbing systems are different from other home utilities in many ways, not least of which in the problems that they can develop. When something goes wrong with your furnace or air conditioner, it’s pretty easy to tell. Either the system starts acting strangely, making odd noises, or stops working altogether. While there are a few problems that can cause similar symptoms in plumbing systems (pipe ruptures, for example) most plumbing issues are much more subtle. This can become problematic at times, as most homeowners won’t be able to identify issues with their plumbing before they cause quite a bit of damage. Let’s take a look at some of the common signs that you need plumbing repair, so that you can react faster and mitigate the damage.

Loss of Water Pressure

If you open the tap and no water comes out, you don’t have a plumbing problem, you have a plumbing emergency. It is very likely that a pipe has burst somewhere in your plumbing system, which means you’ll need to get it addressed right away if you want to save your home from severe water damage. In most cases, however, things are not so dire. A leak in one of your plumbing pipes won’t lead to a complete loss of water flow, but it will decrease the water pressure if it is large enough. So, if you happen to notice that your water pressure is decreasing, you should have your plumbing checked.

Discolored Water

Modern copper plumbing is all but invulnerable to rust, which is why it is used in most new houses. However, in older houses iron pipes are still quite common. Iron can last for many years, but it almost inevitably rusts away in the end. If you’re living in an older house, and you notice brown or red water coming out of your tap, it’s a sign that there is advanced rust somewhere in your plumbing system. If you don’t have the pipe that’s rusting replaced, it could burst.

If you suspect that you may need plumbing repair, call My Drain Company. We provide professional plumbing services in the Chatsworth area.

Signs that You Need Drain Cleaning

Wednesday, March 11th, 2015

Everyone knows that when your drain isn’t, well, draining, that you should call a plumber. Is that the only time that you should call for professional drain cleaning, though? In fact, there are a number of warning indicators that you should have your drains cleaned. Not all of them constitute a plumbing emergency. However, if you ignore these signs you may find yourself with a much bigger plumbing problem on your hands in short order. Let’s take a look at some of the signs that you need drain cleaning.

Slow Draining

Most people first notice a problem with their drains when they become completely clogged. If you pay close attention, however, you can actually identify a problem with your drain long before it gets to that point. Drain clogs form from the outside in, as the material sticks to the inside of the pipe and begins to build toward the center. This gradually restricts the flow of water through the pipe, until it finally clogs up completely. So, if you notice that your drain seems to be draining more and more slowly, you should call for a plumber to inspect it as soon as possible.

Bad Smells

Your plumbing system is designed to vent sewer gases away from your drains and out of your house. Without this ventilation system, you’d have a perpetual miasma of stink wafting out of every appliance in your house connected to the sewer system. If this system becomes blocked or otherwise compromised, it can allow sewer gases to drift up through your drains. If you only notice bad smells coming out of one of your drains, then there’s a good chance that you need that drain cleaned or repaired. If the smell is coming from every drain in your house, the problem is rooted deeper in the plumbing system. Either way, you’re going to need to call a professional plumber.

These are just a few of the signs that you need drain cleaning. If you suspect that your drains might need cleaning for any reason, call My Drain Company. We provide quality drain cleaning services throughout Chatsworth.

The Steps Involved in Plumbing Installation

Thursday, February 5th, 2015

There are plenty of guidebooks and online forums which claim to offer universal advice for the average homeowner to install any particular plumbing fixture, appliance, or even pipes. But it should be noted that every home plumbing system is different, and you may face unique challenges while attempting to install a system on your own that could lead to some costly repairs. At My Drain Company, we recommend choosing experts for any major or minor plumbing installation in Chatsworth. The steps of installation can be tricky, and we’ve detailed some of the challenges in this guide.

  • Choosing a new pipe or fixture – First, your technician must work with you to select the plumbing installation you want or need in your home. However, the part must be compatible with your existing plumbing system or else some remodeling will be necessary.
  • Shutting off the water – Your technician knows all of the many configurations and locations for shutoff valves in a home. It’s imperative to cut off the water supply before beginning work or to turn off the water only at a point of entry, as there are occasionally built-in shutoff valves at the location of fixtures and appliances. Be aware that homeowners may accidentally mistake other valves like saddle tee fittings for a shutoff valve instead.
  • Checking local codes – A plumber must make sure that the planned installation complies with all local codes. In some instances, you’re required to submit your plan in writing to your municipality for approval before work can begin.
  • Removing the previous fixture – Now this is a job that’s going to require quite a bit of heavy lifting and some serious tools. Prying up a toilet, for example, is never easy, and requires special tools and materials to remove large bolts and wax seals.
  • Sealing the fixture – Cutting pipes apart and sealing them into place involves purchasing and utilizing a reciprocating saw and a soldering torch. A professional also needs base knowledge of and access to professional-grade sealants to prevent leaks.
  • Inspection – Finally, a technician is best suited to inspect the fixture for leaks and ensure that the fixture, pipe, or appliance continues to work as needed and that leaks are not expected in the near future.

Call My Drain Company and let our experts take care of your new sump pump, garbage disposal, toilet, sink, piping, or nearly any other plumbing installation in Chatsworth.

Signs Your Plumbing System Is Worn Beyond Repair

Friday, January 23rd, 2015

Plumbing materials are made to be durable, but they don’t last forever. Depending on the age of your home and when your plumbing was installed, you may have plumbing in your Chatsworth home with a lot of miles on it. The good news is that new plumbing repair can help bring your plumbing fully up to date, making it more efficient and giving it a new lease on time. Not sure if you are seeing the signs of worn-out plumbing? Here are a few to be aware of:

  • Problems with multiple leaks – have you had to repair multiple leaks in various areas of your home’s plumbing? This can be an indication that your plumbing is wearing out in different areas and may be best replaced instead of constantly being repaired.
  • Signs of corrosion – are you seeing brown or yellow water coming through your faucets, particularly after being away for a few days? This can indicate that there is rust on the inside of your plumbing, which means there is corrosion present.
  • Flakes, dimples and other corrosion on pipes and/or tubing – any kind of significant corrosion on the outside of your piping indicates the presence of corrosion; let a trained professional tell you how much corrosion there is and whether or not repair or replacement is better.
  • Age – as mentioned above, the age of your plumbing can play a significant role in whether or not you need to replace failing plumbing.
  • Constant clogging – as with multiple leaks, if you are experiencing constant clogging from multiple drains, you may want to compare the cost of repair calls versus replacement.
  • Poor water pressure – if the various faucets in your home are all exhibiting signs of poor water pressure, this can indicate that your pipes are no longer up to the task of supplying you with needed water.

It is better to stay ahead of worn out plumbing than wait for a significant leak or other major plumbing problem to develop before making the decision to replace worn piping. If you are in need of professional plumbing repair in Chatsworth, call My Drain Company today and schedule an appointment with one of our plumbing experts.