Grease Trap Repairs in Commercial Plumbing Systems

Grease occasionally goes down the drains of residential kitchens, where it solidifies into a solid waxy material that can lead to clogs. However, this is nothing compared to the volume of grease, oil, and fat go down the drains of a commercial kitchen every day, whether it’s the kitchen of a restaurant, hotel, or cafeteria. These kitchens require industrial strength grease traps to keep their plumbing working, and also to comply with local codes prohibiting excess waste entering the sewer system. Commercial grease traps need to remain in excellent condition with repairs and maintenance.

To protect your commercial kitchen, schedule repairs for your grease trap as soon as you notice any problems from it. You can call My Drain Company any time of the day or night when you need repairs now. We know how important your business is to you, and we will strive to give you the professional service you require to keep it running the way you want it.

Repairs for Grease Traps

You can avoid many common grease trap repairs if you clean out the trap regularly and schedule annual maintenance for it to make sure it isn’t developing issues that could lead to repairs. However, you cannot avoid all problems, and sometimes repairs are necessary.

A common trouble that can affect a commercial grease trap is when the pipes that either enter or leave it develop clogs. Plumbers can assist with this using hydro-jetting equipment, blasting high pressure hot water along the pipes. The scalding temperature of the water is particularly effective at clearing out grease clogs. Drain snakes, which are used to clear standard drain pipes, are not powerful enough to unclog grease traps, and since hydro-jetting can be harmful in untrained hands, this is a service you must leave to professionals.

Grease traps will produce noxious smells if the food waste inside them begins to rot. If these smells continue even after you clean the trap, you may have an issue with the odor baffles. Poor installation could also be at fault, usually from a trap that was incorrectly sized. Call for professionals to investigate; you don’t want terrible odors affecting your business.

Keeping the grease traps for your commercial kitchen in good shape not only makes for a better kitchen, it keeps your business within the parameters of health and sewer codes. Don’t let a malfunction in a grease trap threaten your company: Call for the Glendale, CA plumbing professionals at My Drain Company right away.

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