How Do Professional Plumbers Detect Leaks?

Leaks are very often out of sight, making them difficult to locate until they create such a mess that you can’t miss them. No one wants to wait until serious water damage has occurred before finding out about an existing leak, so how do you go about finding one? Hire a professional plumber to perform leak detection and repair for your Glendale property.

Signs of a Leak

First, let’s take a look at signs that can indicate you’ve got a leak somewhere in your home:

  • Your water bill is unexpectedly high – has your water bill risen significantly but your water usage hasn’t? Water leaks are notorious water-wasters, so if your bill is suddenly sky-high, it is likely a leak has developed somewhere in your plumbing.
  • Sound of constant running water – are you hearing the sound of running water when there are no open faucets? Running or dripping coming from unknown parts mean water is escaping from somewhere, somehow.
  • Decrease in water pressure – your plumbing system needs to maintain a level of pressure inside it to help push the water to where it needs to go. A noticeable drop in water pressure means the air inside the system is no longer balance, and it is likely from a leak that is allowing the air to escape.

Finding Leaks

As mentioned above, many leaks are not readily visible to the eye. This is why professionals use different tools to help them locate leaky plumbing:

  • Audio equipment – professional plumbers have specialized listening equipment that allows them to hear the smallest drip through drywall, plaster, cabinets and even concrete. This equipment allows the plumber to pinpoint the exact location of a leak and commence repair.
  • Infrared detection – infrared technology can detect areas of moisture by temperature. Typically a leak will be cooler than the air that surrounds it, so infrared can be a fast, efficient way to find the source of a leak.
  • Video – using a camera placed on a fiber optic cable, professional plumbers can look deep into any plumbing system. The camera sends back real-time video of the inside of the piping, and many cameras are equipped with dye injectors that can help pinpoint any other additional leak problems.

As you can see, accurate leak detection entails training and using professional equipment that most homeowners simply won’t have. If you suspect you have a plumbing leak, call My Drain Company today and schedule an appointment for professional plumbing repair in Glendale.

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