How Does Trenchless Technology Even Work?

At My Drain Company, we use something called trenchless technology when it comes to the large job of replacing a broken or decaying sewer line. Trenchless technology isn’t used universally in the plumbing industry yet, but it’s definitely the method you want employed when you need sewer line replacement. Why? Because using these techniques, our plumbers can finish the job in only a fraction of the time compared to more traditional digging methods. Plus, it won’t create extensive damage across your lawn that will require extensive re-landscaping to fix.

Okay, but how does this actually work?

Trenchless technology uses lateral boring in order to dig under the ground without needing to open up a trench. These methods were originally developed for lateral mining and later for civic engineering so that power and water lines could be laid under a street without damaging the street.

When it comes to replacing a sewer line with trenchless technology, the plumbers first dig a small hole at the point where the sewer pipe crosses the property line of a house to connect to the sewer main. The plumbers detach the old sewer line and place a hydraulic device onto it. From inside the home, the plumbers insert a sewer liner—which will become the new sewer line—inside the old sewer line. The hydraulic device pulls the liner all the way through and sets it in place inside the damaged older sewer line.

Now a pipe-burster is sent through the sewer line: this device pushes outward on the liner, causing the outside pipe to shatter and the liner to replace it as the new sewer line. To finish, the plumbers attach the ends of the new sewer line to the inside plumbing system of the home and the outside sewer system. All that has to be done now is cover in the small whole and landscape it.

If you need sewer line replacement, call on My Drain Company Inc. in Glendale, CA. We use the best trenchless technology!

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