Reasons for Low Water Pressure in Your Bathroom

When you take a shower, you expect a certain amount of water pressure to make showering easier and more comfortable. A slow stream of water or a low trickle is off-putting and unpleasant, and simply will not do the trick in your bathroom. Your water supply is kept pressurized so that it can easily flow from the sink faucet or the showerhead. So when you notice low pressure, not only is it an inconvenience, but it also most likely indicates a serious problem.

Low water pressure is not an issue you can continue to ignore. It likely indicates a serious issue with your plumbing, and it may even result in damage to the structure of your home. Always rely on trained plumbers for any type of plumbing problem, like the professionals at My Drain Company in Glendale. These are just a few of the reasons your water pressure may dwindle.

  • Leaky Pipe: If the low pressure is localized in your bathroom, it could have to do with a leaky pipe in the walls behind the shower. If you let this go on for too long, water will begin to drip onto the walls and support beams. Mold can start to form, which poses a health risk for your family, and the damage can ruin the structure of your home, resulting in costly renovations.
  • Tree Root Infiltration: If the problem is in multiple areas of the home, your reduced water pressure may be caused by blockage in the water line. Tree roots grow naturally toward sources of water, and the water line underneath your property may be the perfect target. Tree roots can wrap around the pipe and force their way through at a weak spot in the pipes, causing blockage that won’t allow enough water to reach your home.
  • Scale Buildup: Scale is a problem that occurs when an excess of minerals collects inside of a pipe. If this occurs in your bathroom, a plumber will have to descale the pipes and may recommend further solutions to prevent the problem from occurring again.

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