What to Look for in a Professional Plumbing Contractor

It’s easier today than ever before to find professionals to take care of any job that you may need. All you have to do is type in a few terms into an Internet search engine, and then dozens (maybe hundreds) of options will pop up on your screen. But this creates the paradox of choice: how do you know that you’ll receive the quality you want when you have this many options? There are so many choices that it’s not difficult to end up making the wrong choice.

When you’re searching for a plumber for your home, whether to handle a repair, perform maintenance, or manage an installation, there are a few criteria you should look for:

  • Licensed and insured: This is the first piece of information you should look for when you come to the homepage of a plumbing company. This is how you know that a company is professional, rather than an amateur outfit with a really nice website. The company should have their license number on the main page (ours is #979696). Make sure the company is also insured, which will protect you in case a plumber receives an injury while on your property.
  • Emergency service: Plumbing problems almost never happen when it’s convenient to have repairs done. When you have a broken pipe that’s threatening serious water damage to your home, you can’t wait for a plumber’s office hour to begin before you receive help. See that your plumber has 24-hour emergency service available.
  • Experience: Although young companies are certainly capable of delivering quality plumbing work, it’s safer to seek out a company with more than a decade in the plumbing industry. The experience that seasoned plumbers bring to the job goes far beyond what they received when they were training.

When you’re looking for a great plumbing company in Glendale, CA, call on us. We’re licensed, insured, offer 24-hour service, and we’ve been in the business more than 15 years.

My Drain Company Inc. is the choice for superior plumbing work!

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