Why Install a Storm Drain on Your Property?

It may sound odd to suggest that people who live in Southern California install storm drains on their property. Isn’t it too dry here and the rain too irregular for us to worry about storm drainage?

On the surface, the answer would seem to be “yes.” However, there’s more to storm drainage than the name implies, and there’s more to Southern California weather than the rest of the country knows about. A storm drain may be an ideal way to protect your home from water damage that might ruin its integrity and create safety issues.

My Drain Company offers storm drain installation from experts. We also do drain cleaning in Glendale, CA that will maintain your storm drain, no matter what disasters it may protect your home from.

The uses of a storm drain

Southern California doesn’t experience frequent rainstorm conditions, but the ones that have struck us have caused enormous amounts of damage… principally because our hills and streets do not have sufficient drainage to accommodate such a high level of water flow. Hillsides often wash away or turn into landslides because of heavy rainfall, and continuous rain—even moderate—will lead to street flooding because of poor drainage. If your property is in an area that has or could potentially have flooding issues during rainfall, the additional drainage ability of a storm drain will keep the excess water siphoned away from your home. A quality installer will know which type of storm drain installation will work best for your property: drain tile system, yard drain, or stairwell drain.

But flooding damage can come from sources other than harsh weather. A burst pipe in a water main can lead to massive amounts of water flooding onto your property that will continue until emergency repairs can shut off the water and fix the break. If you live on property that has a low water table, excess water can come up through the ground, and this will require a specific approach to storm drain installation in order to prevent it from damaging your home.

Maintenance and repair

After you have the proper storm drain put in, make sure that you keep it in good repair and well-maintained. Like any drain inside your home, a storm drain can develop clogging that will need cleaning. The extent of a storm drain requires that only professionals handle this task.

For professional drain cleaning in Glendale, CA and for all your needs for storm drain services, contact My Drain Company. If you are unsure about installing a storm drain, contact us for advice.

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