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Leak Detection Service in Los Angeles, CA by My Drain Company Inc.

If you notice the signs of water leaks around your home, like water spots or puddles, it might seem like it would then be easy to locate the leak itself. However, this is often not the case which is why you should call the Los Angeles, CA leak detection experts at My Drain Company Inc. We use specialized equipment to help us find the leak quickly so that we can fix it immediately.

My Drain Company Inc is a full service plumbing company that is fully licensed and insured for your protection. We have over 15 years of experience in the industry and we can handle any job that you have for us. We guarantee that we’ll be at your home the same day that you call us and we’re available 24/7 for emergency leak detection service in Los Angeles, CA in case something happens after hours.

My Drain Company Inc. provides quality leak detection service throughout the Los Angeles, CA area. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

How is Leak Detection Done?

There are a couple different methods to determining exactly where a leak is in your home. Our expert plumbers specialize in finding leaks fast and then fixing the problem quickly. Here are a few of the things that they will do to determine exactly where the leak is.

Video camera
We use video camera pipe inspection technology to help us get a good look down your drains and pipes. This uses a small camera attached to a long wire that we feed down into the plumbing system and it sends back an image to a screen.
Sonic leak detection
Leaks create a small amount of noise that is detectable by specifically designed equipment. We use this equipment to listen for the leak to pinpoint its location.
Another method is with an infrared detector. This not only allows us to find leaks, but also patches of moisture throughout your home as well.

Common Signs of a Leak

So how can homeowners figure out if they have a leak in their home? While the leak might be obvious in certain cases, there are other times when it might not be so. Call My Drain Company Inc if you suspect that you need leak detection service in Los Angeles, CA and read on below for some of the common indicators.

Water spots and puddles
Obviously, if you see watermarks anywhere in your home or actual puddles of water, you most likely have a leak.
Warm floor
If you have a basement or subfloor and you notice that the surface is warm to the touch, it could mean you have a leak underneath.
Running water
If all of your faucets and fixtures are turned off but you still hear the faint sound of running water, it could be that you have a small leak somewhere in your home. Don’t allow this to continue as the leak could cause damage to your home’s property.
Lush grass
If only certain parts of your yard’s grass or vegetation is really green, it could mean that they have suddenly gained access to a large amount of water leaking in the ground.

Call the Los Angeles, CA water leak detection experts at My Drain Company Inc. if you have any suspicion that there is a leak in your home. Leaks don’t fix themselves, and they usually only get worse so call us today.