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Low Flow Toilet Service in Los Angeles, CA by My Drain Company Inc.

Low–flow toilets made a splash many years ago when homeowners were required to have them in their homes. At the time, low–flow model toilets didn’t work very well and homeowners would try to find older models of toilets at garage and estate sales. But now, things have changed. Low–flow toilets work just as well as their counterparts and offer homeowners huge potential savings in water usage. Call My Drain Company Inc if you’d like to learn more about our low–flow toilet service in Los Angeles, CA. We offer installation services for all brands of low–flow toilets and we can also repair any toilet that you might have.

Here at My Drain Company Inc, we’ve been offering quality low–flow toilet repair, installation, and replacement in Los Angeles, CA for over 15 years. We are fully licensed and insured for your protection. We’ve worked in countless homes and our plumbers have the training and experience to deliver the quality of service that you deserve. We’re available 24/7 for emergency low–flow toilet services and we also guarantee that we’ll show up the same day that you call us.

The plumbing and drain experts at My Drain Company Inc. offer quality low–flow toilet repair, installation, and maintenance services throughout the Los Angeles, CA area.

Low–Flow Toilet Installation

In order to ensure that your new toilet works well, you need to schedule installation from a professional plumber. My Drain Company Inc. provides low–flow toilet installation in Los Angeles, CA for all types of units. There are a couple different types of low–flow toilets to choose from: gravity–flush and pressure–assist. For homes, gravity–flush models are usually preferred because of how loud the pressure–assist models tend to be. Here at My Drain Company Inc, we’ll work with you to help you determine which type of low–flow model is for you and then our plumbers will install it quickly and with the high quality that our customers have come to expect from us.

Low–Flow Toilet Repair Service

Just like any other toilet, your low–flow model may eventually start to break down and require repair. My Drain Company Inc is here with the low–flow toilet repair that you need. Call us if you’re having any of the problems listed below.

Water constantly running
If your low–flow toilet is always refilling itself then it could be wasting a lot of water. This problem is often caused by a bad flapper valve.
If you notice leaks around your low–flow toilet, you should call My Drain Company Inc immediately for low–flow toilet repair service in Los Angeles, CA. If it’s at the base of the toilet, it could be the wax seal that seals the connection between the toilet and the drain in the floor. Behind the toilet, you should see a couple knobs that control the flow of water to the toilet. You can shut them off to keep more water from leaking out.
If your low–flow toilet clogs and you’ve tried using a plunger, give us a call. It could be that the clog is just really stubborn and you need some professional plumbing equipment. It could also be that there is a clog much further down the line that is causing the problem.

Low–Flow Toilet Replacement Service in Los Angeles, CA

Whether you’re looking to replace your old toilets with newer, more efficient low–flow models or if you’re ready to replace your current low–flow toilet with a new one, call My Drain Company Inc. We provide fast, accurate, and honest low–flow toilet replacement service in Los Angeles, CA for all types and brands. We can talk with you about whether or not it’s time for replacement or if you just need some repairs. Give us a call today to talk with one of our expert plumbers.

For low–flow toilet service, My Drain Company Inc. is the company you can trust to get the job done right.