4 Reasons Your Sump Pump May Stop Working

Southern California may be due for some heavy rains in the coming fall and winter months. Although this is good news for helping to alleviate our drought, it can be bad news for homes that are prone to flooding. A sump pump is good installation to have put in the crawlspace or subfloor of your house to prevent water damage and the build-up of moisture that can lead to problems from increased humidity and mold and mildew growth. Even if the massive rainfall doesn’t arrive, your home could always suffer from a plumbing accident that sends water gushing into the subfloor.

Sump pump malfunctions

A sump pump can suffer from repair troubles and even a breakdown, just like any mechanical device. Here are 4 of the more common reasons that a sump pump may stop working and require repairs from professionals:

  • The pump is too small: If you picked out the sump pump yourself without assistance from experts, it might lack the horsepower necessary for the job. The extra strain on it will soon overwhelm the motor. Remember, always schedule installation with a professional.
  • A clogged discharge line: The discharge line leads out of the pump and carries the excess water out to the sewer line. But debris that collects in the water can lead to blockage in the line, and water will backup and flood into the sump when this happens.
  • No regular maintenance: A sump pump must have routine inspections and cleanings to ensure that it works its best. Without maintenance, it can easily run down and stop functioning. Schedule sump pump maintenance as part of regular plumbing maintenance.
  • Age: No pump will last forever, and after about 10 years a pump will be ready to retire. As a precaution, have your sump pump replaced if it’s more than a decade old.

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