Reasons You Should Have Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement

For many decades, there was one standard way to have a home’s sewer line replaced: bringing in heavy digging equipment, excavating a trench across the property to access the pipe, lifting out the pipe, then placing down a new pipe and covering it over. This method is still used all over the country—but it isn’t the only option any more. Trenchless technology is now available to do the job using lateral boring techniques that inserts a reliner into the sewer pipe, then expand it to shatter the outside pipe and replace it with the reliner.

Why this is a better method of sewer line replacement

There are many advantages to going with a trenchless sewer line replacement from an experienced company. Here are a few of them:

  • Less mess across your lawn and garden: Trenchless sewer line replacement is just what it says it is: a way to replace a sewer line without ripping up a big trench on your property. Instead of having your lawn shredded up from the side of your house all the way to where the property line meets the street, you can instead have your property left virtually untouched. The plumbers only need to dig one or two small holes to access the sides of the sewer line to replace it with the reliner.
  • It goes faster: Actually, it’s much faster. It can take a few days using the old method of replacement (leaving your property looking like a World War I battlefield the whole time.) But trenchless sewer replacement only requires a few hours. The plumbers will be done before you know it.
  • It saves you money: This is an example of advanced technology that will actually cost less! Trenchless pipe replacement require less time and labor to complete, making it a more economical alternative than digging.

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