Why Now Is a Good Time for Sump Pump Installation

Here are two general facts about life in Southern California that affect how often people choose to have a sump pump installed for their home: it doesn’t rain often, and few homes have basements.

Generally, people think of sump pumps—automated water pumps that remove excess water due to flooding from low areas of a home—with flooding in basements. Since basements are a rarity in our area, and rainfall is minimal, it doesn’t often occur to homeowners to call on their local plumbing company to have a pedestal or submersible sump pump put into the house.

However, right now is an excellent time to give us a call and talk about your options for sump pumps. There are two good reasons:

First, you don’t need a basement to need a sump pump

You may not have a basement, but your home probably has a crawl space underneath it. This is typical for Southern California homes. This area needs protection from excess water to protect the home’s foundation, as well as to prevent terrible moisture problems in the rest of the house and the development of mold. When water does develop down there, it’s particularly hard to remove—more so than a standard basement.

Second, we’re in for an unusually rainy season

After a long period with little rain and a large drought to show for it, Southern California is expected to have an especially rainy period this winter because of an El Niño event. We’ve already experienced some of this rain, and there will probably be more where that came from. If you’re worried about flooding in your house, then it’s a wise idea to have a sump pump installed.

Finding the right type of sump pump for your home’s specific requirements isn’t a tough job. You have to have professionals install the pump, and they will help you make the choice for the style and size of pump to do the job.

My Drain Company Inc. offers sump pump services in Glendale, CA.

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