Common Bathroom Plumbing Repairs for Toilets

One of the most common reasons homeowners call for bathroom plumbing services in Glendale is due to problems with the toilet. Toilets are usually rather reliable, but there are still many reasons a toilet can stop working. And in this day and age, no home can be without a toilet for long, so repair needs are generally rather urgent. DIY repairs may be difficult and many problems simply require the service of a trained professional. When you need professionals to look at your bathroom plumbing, be sure to call My Drain Company right away. In order to help you learn more about some common repairs, we’ve made the following list.

  • Leaking: You may notice a leak from a couple of different areas of your toilet. Unfortunately, some leaks are beyond repair. When the leaking occurs at the tank due to cracks or other damages, it may mean you’ll need to replace your entire tank. A plumber can help you choose a new toilet and get it set up as quickly as possible. But leaks that come from behind the toilet tank, where your plumbing system connects to your tank, will likely only need to be sealed.
  • Clogs: If you have a toilet clog, your first line of defense is usually a plunger. But if a plunger does not effectively loosen a clog, it means you need to call for repairs quickly. There may be a major clog deep within your pipes that requires professional plumbing equipment to remove or dislodge from the sewer line.
  • Water Running Constantly: If water will not stop running, it can be due to a variety of factors with the float assembly and flush valve. A float in your tank makes the water shut off, but if the flapper cannot shut as the float rises, water will continue to run.

If you’re experiencing these problems or any others with your bathroom plumbing, it’s important that an experienced plumber check out the problem to decide on the right course of action. When you need the job done right, trust the dependable team of plumbers at My Drain Company. To schedule bathroom plumbing service in Glendale, contact us today!

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