What Causes Leaks in Gas Pipes?

If you suspect you may have a leak in your gas pipes, it’s important that you take action immediately. Natural gas is generally a safe way to fuel some of the appliances in your home as well as your heating system. Clothes dryers, water heaters, and gas furnaces and boilers all rely on a supply of gas in order to function. And depending on the cost of natural gas in your area, these gas appliances may save you money over time and could last longer than some electrical appliances.

But as soon as you believe a gas pipe leak threatens your home, you should evacuate immediately. You may notice the smell of rotten eggs or a hissing sound. Do not turn on any light switches or electronic devices or use matches and lighters, and call your utility company right away.

If you need gas piping installation or replacement, or for drain cleaning or plumbing repairs, be sure to call the experts at My Drain Company. We know the ins and outs of pipes, so you can be certain your gas piping is installed properly, preventing the need for repairs. So what causes leaks in the gas pipes?

  • Rust and Corrosion: One of the most common reasons for leaks has to do with faulty installation. If your gas line is near a water source or appliance that could have a leak, water may cause the pipe to rust and, eventually, to corrode.
  • Faulty Joints: As with your plumbing system, the pipes are connected with joints that may wear down over time, which is why it’s important to have the pipes inspected from time to time.
  • Loose Seals: The gas pipes are also sealed to your appliances, but these seals could also deteriorate someday.

Proper installation can keep your gas pipes from threatening your home in the future. The experts at My Drain Company also know what to look for to make sure your current system is not at risk for leaks. For anything from gas pipe installation to plumbing repairs in Glendale, give us a call today!

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