Do I Really Need Storm Drainage in Glendale?

Storm drainage systems are a basic part of many properties. These additional drains—such as trap drains, gutters, downspouts, and storm sewers—remove standing water from the property and carry it down to the municipal drain that removes it into the sewer system. This keeps flooding and standing water from damaging the property.

If your home in Glendale, CA doesn’t have a storm drainage system, or lacks an extensive one, you may wonder why exactly you might need one. Southern California is dry and has low precipitation during the year (and is in the middle of a drought), so the dangers from major flooding are limited. Does your home really need storm drainage?

The answer may be yes. It depends on your property and location. Excess water can always develop because your home sits on land with a high water table. If your house is located at the bottom of a slope, even a mild rain can send torrents of water down toward your home. And any house can suffer from flooding problems due to broken plumbing and water lines. If you get caught by surprise and don’t have a storm drainage system to handle this influx of water, your property as well as your home could suffer from expensive damage.

To find a more direct answer to your questions about whether storm drainage is right for your property, call on the drain professionals at My Drain Company Inc. Along with our extensive services to care for drains and plumbing in Glendale, CA and the surrounding areas, we specialize in storm drain installation. We will look over your house and land and make suggestions for the best type of drainage system to suit you. We also provide maintenance and repair service for storm drains of all types; we will help see that you are always prepared for any surprise from the weather or the local plumbing.

Contact My Drain Company Inc. today to find out more about our extensive storm drainage services.

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