Why Call on Professionals for Your Commercial Plumbing Repairs

There are very few businesses that don’t rely on a plumbing system in some way. Running water and waste removal are essential parts of keeping a company running smoothly and employees, clients, customers, tenants, etc. content and safe. If something goes wrong with the plumbing at your company, such as leaking pipes, clogged toilets, or a loss of water pressure, you need to call on professional plumbers with commercial experience right away.

My Drain Company Inc. offers expert commercial plumbing repair for businesses in Glendale, CA and throughout the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, Thousand Oaks, and Pasadena areas. Our plumbers are ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to rescue your commercial plumbing!

The importance of commercial plumbing professionals

When it comes to the plumbing of a house and a business, there are some significant differences. Commercial plumbing is not only more extensive, but it also endures a greater amount of wear and it must adhere to health codes. Only licensed plumbers with proper experience and training should be allowed near a commercial plumbing repair of any kind. There is simply too much at risk to entrust this work to amateurs or to plumbers who only know how to fix residential plumbing problems.

Take, for example, the drains in a food service business. The amount of waste that goes down the drains in such an establishment every day probably equals the amount of food waste that goes down the kitchen drain of an average home over a year. That’s an immense amount of stress on the plumbing, not to mention an essential part of running the business. If something goes wrong with the drains, it will take an experienced commercial plumber to know how to fix it, and fix it fast, so the business can get back to regular operation.

The extent of the plumbing in a commercial building also necessitates having experienced plumbers on the job. For many plumbing repairs, the hardest task is finding the problem in the first place (this is especially true with leaks). Only a plumber who knows commercial systems from the inside out can hope to accurately and speedily locate the repair issues so they can be remedied.

My Drain Company Inc. has more than 15 years of experience with helping businesses conquer their plumbing problems. Along with our repair services, we also offer commercial plumbing maintenance, installation, and replacement. Call us today to schedule whatever work you need.

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