How Plumbers Use Drains Snakes to Clean Drains

If you have a tough clog, it can inconvenience many of your daily activities. So when water pools up at the bottom of your tub or won’t budge while you do the dishes, you may look for the quickest solutions to clear the drains. For some clogs, a plunger may do the trick. But if the clog is too far down the drain pipe, you’ll need something that can reach down much further.

That’s where the idea behind liquid drain cleaners comes from. This home remedy, often found in hardware stores and even most grocery stores, claims to have the ability to rid your drain of clogs. And while some cleaners may be effective at dissolving some common sources of blockage, usually hair, they fail at removing many other clogs and may instead push them further into the pipes. Besides, the chemicals in liquid drain cleaners and can severely damage your skin and eyes.

Plumbers do not rely on toxic liquid drain cleaners for professional drain cleaning. Instead, they are armed with the right equipment to get tough clogs cleared out completely. While they may have several tools available for drain cleaning, like powerful hydrojetting technology, perhaps the most commonly used is the drain snake.

Drain snakes reach deep into the pipes to break up clogs and bring them to the surface. A drain snake is basically a long, thick wire that often has a coiled end. The wire is rolled up, and may be operated with a manual crank, but more powerful units are motorized. When the wire is released into the pipe and wound back up, the coil catches small objects, hair, food, and some of the sludge that may line the pipes. Alternatively, a plumber may attach a fixture to the end of the drain snake that can break up particularly tough clogs into smaller pieces so they can flow down the drain with the wastewater.

At My Drain Company, we use drain snakes and other tools to rid your plumbing of the toughest clogs, and we use video pipe inspection to make sure that problems are cleared from your system entirely. When you need drain cleaning in Glendale, CA, give us a call!

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