Why Schedule Storm Drainage Service

Here in Glendale, CA, we haven’t seen much heavy rain in recent years. But when you’re entirely unprepared for rain, water may pool around your property, leak into your home, or flood your entire house. Water damage can seriously harm your foundation, while standing water means a buildup of mold and mildew which may cause problems with the indoor air quality, possibly triggering respiratory problems in some family members.

To keep water from leaking into your home, you need a storm drainage system to move this water into the sewer system instead. But if your storm drain hasn’t gotten a lot of attention lately, it may be clogged with dirt and debris. Scheduling drain cleaning services for your outdoor drains is the best way to ensure rainwater does not damage your property.

If you need storm drainage installation, you’ll need to call a professional plumber to find the best location for a new drain and ensure water flows without backing up onto your property. And if you’ve never had a professional examine your storm drains, now is the best time.

The Steps of Storm Drainage Service

During storm drainage service, the most important step a plumber takes is a thorough drain cleaning. Leaves, gravel, and dirt may build up in the drains over time if your drainage system does not get a lot of use, or heavy rainfall may carry these items into the drain. That’s why it’s important to schedule drain cleaning for your storm drains before a storm is predicted or after heavy rainfall.

During drain cleaning service, technicians use hydrojetting technology to essentially blast tough clogs into the sewer with high volumes of water. Then, a professional can examine your pipes to ensure the clogs are taken care of. A professional may also check to ensure your drain was installed properly so that water can flow down into the pipes.

You can help keep your storm drains relatively clear by disposing of yard waste properly and keeping your drains free of large blockages. But when you need professional drain cleaning in Glendale, call the experts at My Drain Company today!

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