Materials Professional Plumbers Use for Repiping

Sometimes basic repairs for pipes aren’t enough to solve a major plumbing issue. You will need to have the plumbers replace the pipes entirely. In the case of many older homes, a complete replacement of all the pipes is necessary to stop a barrage of plumbing repairs and inefficient performance.

Plumbers use a variety of material for replacement pipes. The older cast iron and galvanized steel pipes have been largely been abandoned because of their tendency to corrode over time, and a number of newer pipe material have taken their place. When you arrange for pipe replacement services from professionals, you can expect the plumbers to use some of the following materials for the job:


The most popular metal used for repiping, and for creating new plumbing systems in general, is copper. Copper is corrosion resistant (although it can still succumb to small patches of pitted corrosion). It is also easy to work with because it is lightweight and simple to cut into appropriate lengths. The light weight makes it easy to suspended copper pipes over long stretches without extra support.


Poly vinyl chloride is a common type of plastic piping and is often used for waste lines. It is chemical-resistant as well as heat-resistant, and is easily cut and joined to other piping.


Chlorinated poly vinyl chloride is a popular option for hot and cold water supply lines because it can within stand major temperature shifts. It is also relatively inexpensive.


Cross-linked polyethylene is a flexible plastic pipe (as opposed to the rigid PVC and CPVC pips) that has become popular for a variety of uses. Its flexibility makes it handy in confined spaces, and it can withstand a wide range of temperatures. It is most frequently used in water supply lines and for radiant heating systems.

The type of material that a plumber uses for repiping jobs in your home will depend on the situation. As long as you contact an experienced professional for the job, you can rest assured that the right pipes will be put into your home.

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