Things You Should Never Pour Down the Drain

We often rely on our kitchen and bathroom sinks to dispose of unwanted food particles and other bits of garbage. Garbage disposal units are designed to grind up organic waste matter and after a time, we come to rely on them for getting rid of all kinds of organic detritus. But before you dump another piece of food down the drain, stop and consider the damage you may be causing.

Residents of Glendale, CA can call upon reliable plumbers when the drain gets clogged. But you can help prevent such a call simply by watching what you rinse down the sink. Here’s a quick list of things you should never pour down the drain.

  • Grease and cooking fat. Though grease and fat will liquefy when they heat up, the cool confines of your plumbing will cause them to solidify, creating a clog in the bargain.
  • Bones and peach pits. Hard materials like bones will also cause blockages in your home’s pipes, and when placed in a garbage disposal, they can flat-out break the unit. The same is true for seeds and fruit pits, such as peach pits.
  • Coffee grounds. Coffee grounds have a hard consistency like sand, and they tend to swell when they get wet. Both attributes can spell major plumbing damage if you’re not careful.
  • Vegetable peelings. Carrot peelings, potato peelings and similar bits of vegetables are tough and fibrous. They can wrap around the gears of your garbage disposal and cause no end of trouble, as well as creating mischief in the pipes themselves.

Establishing good habits is a good way to prevent drain blockages and problems with your garbage disposal. But if the worst occurs, then call upon the experts at My Drain Company to solve the problem. Our trained plumbers have the experience and skills to clear out your drains safely and get your plumbing back to where it needs to be!

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