Signs It’s Time to Replace the Bathroom Toilet

The toilet is the appliance in a home that uses up the most water. In fact, the toilets in your household probably account for around 40% of your monthly water bill. So not only is the toilet a vital part of your home’s plumbing (it must function every day, after all) but it’s also one that can create immensely high bills when it stops working the way it should.

No toilet will last forever, and at some point you’ll need to contact professional plumbers to arrange for a replacement. Below are some ways to tell that you should contact our bathroom plumbing professionals to have a new toilet put in.

Immense water waste

Older toilets consume far more water than recent models. A toilet that’s a few decades old will probably drain 6 gallons per flush, while a new one will drain 4 gallons. And that’s before taking into account special low-flush models, which can use as little as 1.5 gallons per flush. If you have immensely high water bills or you wish to contribute to California’s water conservation efforts, have that old wasteful toilet replaced.

Cracks in the porcelain

At the first indication that there are cracks in the bowl or tank of a toilet, no matter how small they may appear, get a plumber on the job. Cracked porcelain almost always means either the bowl or the whole toilet must be replaced. Leaving it will lead to leaking that will ruin your floors.

Continual clogging

Do you keep the toilet plunger on hand at all times because the toilet has a tendency to clog up at multiple points during the week? If so, you have an issue that needs to be addressed, and it may involve putting in a new toilet.

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