Why Regular Drain Cleaning Is Good for Your Plumbing

When a serious clog blocks a kitchen or bathroom drain in your house—a clog that a standard plunger can’t remove—you will need to call on plumbing professionals right away for the necessary drain cleaning using motorized drain snakes and hydro-jetters. There is no better way to assure that you’ll have your drain cleared out without causing serious damage to the plumbing or a rapid return of the clog.

However, you should consider making drain cleaning a job that you schedule as part of regular plumbing maintenance each year. Plumbers with special high-pressure scouring equipment will provide a full cleaning for the pipes that will leave their interiors in like-new condition. This will benefit your plumbing in a number of ways:

  • It will reduce issues with high water pressure. Deposits, both organic and mineral, will begin to build up along the walls of the drains over time—it is very difficult to avoid the situation, no matter how cautious you are about what goes down the drains. This build-up reduces the volume in the pipes and causes a spike in the water pressure. This is generally bad for the pipes and can easily cause leaks.
  • You will lower the likelihood of drain clogs significantly. Those deposits in your drains not only reduce volume, they also make it very easy for clogs to start. Thanks to routine cleaning with professional tools that blast away the deposits and thoroughly clean the drainpipes, you can count on almost never encountering major clogs.
  • It eliminates bad odors from the drains. When drains are filled with organic build-up, they can start to generate foul smells. This isn’t the sort of unpleasantness you want in your home, and drain cleaning helps out tremendously.

My Drain Company Inc. offers high-quality drain cleaning services in Glendale, CA and the surrounding areas. You can also reach us 24 hours a day for emergency drain cleaning needs.

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