Understanding Your Plumbing Installation Needs

The plumbing system in your home encompasses more than the pipes running through the walls and floors. Your plumbing consists of all the systems hooked up to water lines and waste water lines, which includes the sewer line, the fixtures in your kitchen and bathrooms, and large appliances such your hot water heater and your laundry machine. Sometimes it can be difficult understanding what new installations you’ll need to get the most from your plumbing. What updates are best? What fixtures will help you reduce water?

There’s no better way to understand your needs for plumbing installation in Glendale, CA than to seek help from professional plumbers. Call My Drain Company today and make use of our more than 15 years of experience in the plumbing industry so you’ll receive the installation that will improve your life and your budget.

What are some possibilities for plumbing installation?

We’ve listed some options to consider for your plumbing that will help you start thinking about how you want to upgrade.

  • Low-flow toilets: Let us take out your old toilet and put in a unit that will make a significant cut in your water bills each month. Low-flow toilets can work as effectively as standard models. According to the U.S. EPA, a low-flow toilet will reduce water use from 20–60%, approximately 13,000 gallons for the average family.
  • Garbage disposals: Older homes often do not contain garbage disposals, and installing one can make much easier, as well as eliminate a large amount of food waste. Installation requires professional plumbers to hook up your new disposal to a waste water line.
  • Whole house-repiping: Here’s another option to consider for an older home. The pipe material for most homes used to be galvanized steel. A durable material, but one also prone to corrosion with age. A whole house repiping job will prevent numerous repair problems as well as increase the value of your home.
  • Sump pumps: If you live in an area with a high-water table, you can experience high levels of moisture and even flooding in your basement. A sump pump will remove excess water from an area and place it into the waste water system, helping to prevent damage to your home and the growth of mold and mildew.

There are many more possibilities for upgrading your plumbing with new installation. Call our specialists at My Drain Company today and talk to them about ways to better your home and your life with new plumbing installation in Glendale, CA.

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