Common Problems with Storm Drains

Here in California, we don’t normally get a lot of rain. Unfortunately, that often means that our civic drainage systems are unprepared for any kind of serious storms, like the kind we experienced at the beginning of the month. Storm drains exist to prevent the kind of flooding that heavy rains engender, keeping your property safe and dry during even the biggest winter storm. Here in Glendale, drain cleaning services can install a storm drain for you, as well as correcting with your existing storm drain. Common problems with storm drains are usually something a trained expert can fix.

Most storm drain problems all stem from the same source: clogged or overloaded pipes.  Clogs can occur via build-up in your system, damage to the pipe itself, and saturation of the ground, as well as more direct causes like tree roots or even animals lodging debris at the grates. When rain storms hit like they did at the beginning of the month, those clogs can quickly turn disastrous, leading to all manner of serious problems. What kinds of problems? The most troubling is flooding, which can severely your yard and basement, and lead to a great deal of costs to repair. Yard erosion can be a particularly big problem, especially if your home is on a hill or somewhere else with higher elevation (very common in Glendale)

In some cases, storm drains that are too small can also cause flooding problems. This is actually fairly common in California, where we consistently underestimate the severity of our rains. In any event, the result is much the same as it is with clogged storm drains: flooding, backing up and wreaking havoc on your property in the process.

A reliable professional service can come to the rescue when you’re dealing with common problems with storm drains. Drain cleaning and repair services in Glendale, CA can be performed by the experts at My Drain Company. As our name implies, drain cleaning is our specialty and we have years of experience treating problems with storm drains. We also offer 24-hour emergency service for those times when the flood waters are rising. California’s rainy season can be a lot more destructive than people give credit for. Call us today and let us help you cut the damage off at the pass.

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