What Slab Leak Repair Is and Why You May Need It

You may have heard the term “slab leak” before and not understood exactly what it meant, except that it sounds like it would take a great deal of difficult work to fix and you don’t want one to happen in your home. You’re right on both counts (you don’t want any kind of leaks in your home) but with the right plumbers on the job, you can expect to have a slab leak fixed fast and correctly so it won’t threaten the rest of your property or plumbing.

Slab leaks, as we’ll explain, are serious business. The moment you think you have one in your home, you need to call the professionals at My Drain Company. When it comes to plumbing in Glendale, CA, we are one of the most experienced full-service contractors. Our plumbers can handle jobs large and small, from solving a household leak to handling commercial installation.

What slab leaks are

The term “slab leak” is the plumbing industry name for any pipe leak that occurs under concrete or other hardscape material in a building. Your home’s foundation is a large concrete block, and a number of important pipes, such as the water main, run through it. Although well-protected from damage because of the hard casing, these pipes can still break due to corrosion (especially for older plumbing), the house shifting, or (and this is a serious concern for Southern California) earthquakes.

A slab leak not only wastes immense amount of water, it can inflict serious damage to a home’s foundation as it increases pressure within the slab.

How will I know I have a slab leak?

The first sign of a slab leak you may notice is a sudden elevation in your water bills for which you cannot account. Other indicators are the appearance of cracks along your home’s foundation due to water pressure, the faint sound of running water, and unusual warm spots across the concrete slabs of your home. Call for plumbers the moment you encounter any of these warning signs.

How does slab leak repair work?

Not all slab leak repairs work the same way. Skilled plumbers will use leak detection equipment to pinpoint the leak location and determine the best way to repair the problem. Sometimes the plumbers will need to use jackhammers to access the leak, and then fill the hole in afterwards. Other times, the leak can be repaired through additives placed into the plumbing that will seal the leak from inside. Regardless of the method used, professional plumbers will make every effort to leave your home looking exactly as they found it.

For the fast and effective plumbing services in Glendale, CA that will take care of any leak your home may have, trust to the 24-hour service of My Drain Company.

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