When You Should Consider Whole-House Repiping

All plumbing will need repairs at some point or another; the amount of work that the pipes in a home do on a daily basis means enough wear and tear to eventually cause leaks and clogs. In some cases, repiping is the best solution to these troubles. Plumber will remove the old pipes and replace them with newer material such as copper or one of the different kinds of plastic pipes (PEX, CPVC, etc.).

But there are times when a more drastic solution is necessary for a home’s plumbing: whole-house repiping. This may sound like an extreme measure, but for older homes it is often the best and most cost-effective way to solve numerous plumbing issues. If you hire an experienced company in Northridge, CA for plumbing work of this magnitude, the job should go fast and with little disruption to your life.

My Drain Company handles whole-house repiping. We can help you decide if repiping is the best solution, and if it is, we will take on the job and provide you with the best service possible.

When whole-house repiping becomes an option

  • You have a house with galvanized steel piping: For many decades, even through the 1960s, the main material used for home plumbing was galvanized steel, which was known for its durability. Unfortunately, what the installers at the time didn’t realize about galvanized steel was its eventual susceptibility to corrosion that would weaken it to the point of extensive leaking and eventual breaks. Copper has long superseded steel for this reason, and if you have a pre-1970s home, you should check to see if you have galvanized steel plumbing. If you do, or if you are encountering numerous corrosion leaks in an older home, it’s time for full repiping services.
  • Constant repair issues: Whether you have older steel pipes or poorly installed copper and plastic ones, experiencing continual plumbing repair issues is a good indicator that the material is simply not up to the task. These repairs don’t need to be just leaks; continually clogging is also a sign of deteriorating pipes that are keeping water from efficiently flowing. High water pressure is another sign of poor quality or deteriorating pipes.
  • Rusting: This is an issue that can strike galvanized steel pipes, but isn’t restricted to them. Copper pipes are rust-resistant, but not rust-proof, and the flux that seals the join pipes is susceptible to rusting. When rust starts to become a frequent issue, it usually means that you should replace all the piping in a home (usually with truly rust-free PEX plastic pipes).

You can rely on skilled Northridge, CA plumbing services to select the best material for repiping so that your home will have many decades of pipes capable of handling the stress you and your family will put on them. Contact My Drain Company today to schedule an appointment to look into the possibility of whole-house repiping.

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