What’s That Gurgling Sound from My Drains Mean?

One of the ways to tell that your plumbing system is experiencing problems that may require the services of a licensed plumber is when you hear unusual noises. For example, sharp clanging sounds—known as water hammer—often warn that the pipes have lost their air cushion.

One of the more common warning sounds you may hear from your plumbing is gurgling coming from the drains. We’ll look at what this might mean.

Reasons for gurgling drains

  • Clogged or obstructed drain vents: Your drainage system contains vents to allow sewage gas to escape so waste water can continue to flow. The drain vent pipe connects to the pipe that rises up to the top of the house and exits through the roof. The pipe can become clogged, or the vent on the roof blocked, and this will create pressure that will send sewage gas up through the water in the p-trap of the drain, resulting in the gurgling noise. You’ll need a plumber to fix the blockage so water can flow again.
  • A thick clog in the drain: Although you may not see the backed-up water in your sink yet, this gurgling sound often warns that it’s about to happen because of a clog deeper down in the drain. The sound is occurring because trapped air in the clog is escaping into the water above it.
  • Broken or blocked sewer line: This is the most serious possibility. If the sewer line that carries waste water from all the drains in your home becomes blocked because of root infiltration, build-up, or a break, it will start to push sewage the wrong way up the drain. The gurgling is the sewage gas being forced through the water in the drains. If the sewer line is fixed, sewage will soon start flooding through the lowest drains in the house.

If you think that the drain gurgling noise indicates you have a drain in need of repair, don’t hesitate to call a plumbing professional.

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