Why You Should Get an Estimate Before Plumbing Installation Begins

Plumbing installation is a big job, and requires a lot of planning and foresight on the part of the homeowner. A proper installation can enhance your home for years or even decades to come, while a poor installation means leaks, burst pipes or worse coming far sooner than you would like.  Here in Glendale, plumbing installation also needs to account for earthquakes and shifts in the ground. These are only a few of the reasons why you should get an estimate before plumbing installation begins.

The most important ones involve money. A proper estimate will itemize all of the expenses and explain them to you before you sign anything. That way, there’s no surprises along the way and if additional, unexpected work required, the service can’t simply tack it onto your bill without your knowledge. And just as an estimate protects you, so too does it protect the installing technician by ensuring that all work is okayed beforehand.

Beyond that, however, it also buys you peace of mind. With an estimate, you can see how the project is going to come together and understand all of the pieces involved. If something seems out of place, you can speak to the plumber about it, but otherwise, you’re left relying on whoever you’ve hired to do the job properly. An estimate acts as a piece of insurance against that, allowing you to relax while the plumber sets about his task.

Good plumbing services know why you should get an estimate before plumbing installation begins, and work with the homeowner to provide that. Plumbing installation services of all sorts are provided by the expert Glendale, CA plumbers at My Drain Company. We’re fully insured, our plumbers are all trained and licensed, and you can request an estimate from us anytime on our website. Beyond that, our staff works with only your complete satisfaction in mind, and we will go the extra mile to make sure you leave the experience happy. Give us a call today to set up and appointment and discuss your options. You’ll be glad you did!

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